Bloemfontein Disco Small Group to represent South Africa at the Disco World Championships 2015

Six dancers from Bloemfontein has been chosen to take part in the Disco World Championships in Bochum Germany in October this year.

They are: Jessica Lombard (16) from Sentraal High School, Mine Pulzone (16) from C&N Oranje Girls High, Tanielle Moody  (17) from C&N Oranje Girls High, Anandi Grobbelaar (20) a student at UFS, Bianca Boshoff (15) from Sentraal High School, and Elandri Pulzone (14) from C&N Oranje Girls High.

Under the guidance of Marilize Griffiths from Dance Domination Bloemfontein the team, who dances under the name Black Illusion, has excelled throughout the season.

The Disco World Championships falls under the IDO (International Dance Organization) – a World Dance- and Dancesport Federation with a membership of over 90 nations, representing more than 250,000 dancers, from six continents.                                                                                                                                 As part of the fundraiser to alleviate the costs of the travel costs to Germany, Dance Domination is hosting a golf day at Schoemans Park Golf Club on Friday 10 July 2015. For more information or donations to the team, contact Marilize Griffiths on 0865285556 or e-mail

Middle back: Anandi Grobbelaar
Front left: Jessica Lombard, Bianka Boshoff, Mine Pulzone
Right: Elandri Pulzone
Middle in front: Bianka Boshoff
Back from Left : Anandi Grobbelaar, Marilize Griffiths, Tanielle Moody
From left (front): Bianka Boshoff, Mine Pulzone, Jessica Lombard, Elandri Pulzone

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