Sadta Freestyle and Disco Championships
Ending the year with amazing results. 🙏 Well done to all our beautiful dancers. 🌹🌹
1st Place
– 🥇Girls Inc 12 to 15 Disco Small Group
– 🥇Danika Junius – 10/12 Amateur Disco Solo – regrade to WTC
– 🥇Catherine du Plessis – 16 and Over Disco Freestyle
– 🥇Mel Pretorius – 10/11 Risingstar Freestyle Solo
– 🥇Catherine du Plessis – 14/15 Rising Star Solo and Slow – Regrade to Champ for Freestyle 🌟🌟
– 🥇Gabby and Jana 12/15 Risingstar Rock n Roll – and Regrade to Champ

2nd Placings
– 🥈Shellie and Danika 12/15 Wtc Disco Duo
– 🥈Anneryn Pretorius 8/9 Amateur Disco Solo

3rd Placings
🥉 Mel and Danika 12/15 Champ Rock n roll
🥉Danyelle and Mckenna 11 and Under Champ Rock n Roll
🥉Danyelle and Gabby 12/15 Wtc Disco Duo

🏅Shellie – 13/14 Disco Amateur Solo
🏅Danyelle and Mckenna 11/U rising Star Rock n Roll – Regrade to Champ 🌟🌟

🏅Megan – 13/14 Amateur Disco Solo
🏅 Shellie and Elsje 12/15 Champ Rock n Roll
🏅 Shellie and Elsje 12/15 Champ All Girls
🏅Roche 18 & O Prem Champ Solo
🏅 Jana v R – 10/11 Amateur Disco Solo

🏅 Mel and Danika – Champ All Girls

🏅 Anneryn – 8/9 Rising Star Slow
🏅 Roche – 18 & O Prem Champ Slow

My Beautiful baby Annabelle Pretorius you danced like a real star my Angel and you gave it your all. Well done my sweetie Pie.

Roche Lotter received provincial Colours in Slow and Freestyle and represented Free State in the Provincial Team Match

Honoured to have been the Free State Team captain for the Provincial Team Match.

Thank you to all the Ladies at Zeths Boutique for our dancers most beautiful costumes and always making them feel special. You all are like family to me love u ladies so much

Thank you Sadta Gauteng
Comittee and all the officials involved for hosting a amazing SAs

All Glory to God for all our Blessing we could not have done this without Gods Blessing🙏🙏

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